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x.x vs BIA Patizan 


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1.41 Patch Coming Soon

veröffentlicht von <AKA>Psycho Sam @ 09:28PM on March 24, 2010
Apologies for the long delay with the patch but all the developers have been very busy with other things over the last few months. However it is finally on the way, the changelist is as follows;

* Fixed Artillery not being callable
* Reduced/standardized MG shake on tanks
* Italian coaxial MG’s now use a single tracer
* Panzer II reload bug fixed
* Added LG40 specific optic
* Added smoke bomb launcher for Panzer IV’s
* Italian tank crews now use Italian binoculars
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24.03.2010 2155  enclave INAKTIV

Trustee Unfortunately- because of our inability to gather any kind of competitive sqad for official matches- we are going inactive.

People were already pushing for this, but we managed to get them to start this new season and appear to at least play official matches- but the reality is that most of the sqad is simply bored of RO after all those years.

Right now there is no way we can gather enough experienced people. Our recent matches have shown that clearly. So I see no point of begging and dragging people away from other activities just to play without any joy.

Anyway- thanks for all the good, sorry for all the bad and cu in ROHOS.

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