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x.x vs BIA Patizan 


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 by russia {BIA}Politruk ( PARTIZAN )
That do you nonsense lash? We pressed a pause on your request. Released her since someone from you said "we are ready" or "go". Then other began to yell, that not ready. We re-engaged a pause. You for itself understand. And we was Kaukasus in an attack seven played because one player took off and could not get on your server is normal? Why did not you wait with a pause, and continued a game?
With your server there were large problems. Therefore we suggested to play at the first ladder server. For you on a server it is possible on an even place to appear in bug, not knowing about it.

 by germany hl.Dittler/inruB ( (x.x) )
I wasnt there, but what I hear from lepmuR, there was big trouble besides BIA in the match, they didn`t press pause( cause the didn`t want play Zhito on our Server), regardless if a player of x.x got disconnect from server, the did good bug using and other nice things.
All in all it seems to be a 4:4 at the end.

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