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Mare Nostrum 1.41 Patch Coming Soon

1.41 Patch Coming Soon

veröffentlicht von <AKA>Psycho Sam @ 09:28PM on March 24, 2010
Apologies for the long delay with the patch but all the developers have been very busy with other things over the last few months. However it is finally on the way, the changelist is as follows;

* Fixed Artillery not being callable
* Reduced/standardized MG shake on tanks
* Italian coaxial MG’s now use a single tracer
* Panzer II reload bug fixed
* Added LG40 specific optic
* Added smoke bomb launcher for Panzer IV’s
* Italian tank crews now use Italian binoculars
* Renamed Citta Della Sabbia to prevent character problems

Balance and other various changes to;
* Ancona Approach
* Crete
* Road To Tunis
* Arid Early & Late
* Tobruk Central & Combined Arms
* Gazala Line

Addition of;
* Akrotiri Peninsula (a small scale map by Susi, good for up to 16 players)
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