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roladder: 29.09.2010 aTo ist raus !
Against The Odds ist nicht mehr !

Clanleader Dionysus gab heute29.09.2010  um 15.42 auf roladder den ausstieg  bekannt !

" |aTo|Dionysus Clanleader
hello all. I am very sad to state that ato is throwing in the towel, breaking up and going inactive. we have a large roster on ladder, but only a small handful are actually active and want to play RO. sorry to all those who we have matches scheduled against.
you will see some of us in a new clan in due time.

all ato members that i have not had the chance of speaking to: i love you and will stay in touch, i have made the best friends with you guys. All active players are welcome to embark on the new journey of creating a clan.

bye for now." 
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