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Men of War - Gaming Night

Weeks after the Event Management Group started we bring out our first event. Next week at Monday the 20th of September, you are able to command your own army on the different battlefields in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Africa. Whether you play as America, Great Britain, Germany, Russia or Japan, fight with your friends against your opponent to achieve victory on the battlefield! Are you up for the task to lead your army to victory? Join our teamspeak next Monday, the 20th of September.

Monday - 20th of September - 1900GMT

What do you need?

1. Men of War (No expansions needed)

2. Patch 1.17.5

3. Teamspeak 3 Men of War Game Night channel

4. German Soldiers Mod V3 This is a great mod, and will be used for this event. It is around 450mb, so it is not that big to download
Link: http://digitalmindsoft.eu/forums/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=3233

5. Hamachi Also people that prefer playing over Hamachi, Bang0o will set up a Hamachi server and will also use the German Soldiers Mod.

We will use Hamachi version, which you can find here:

Hamachi server
Network: fht men of war
Password: war

IcratoX, Event Manager at Forgotten Honor


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