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Legion (x.x) vs SIMO
(x.x) vs -[SIMO]-

Ein unentschieden erkämpfte die Legion gegen die Polen  am 21.03.2010 .
Beide Mannschaften zeigt gute leistungen auf ihren Homemaps !

stimmen zum Spiel:by germany hl.Dittler/inruB from Legion->(x.x)

Was an intense fight Simo. Adrenaline rush, especially on Danzig.

Danzig-Axis (Simo won): After 2-3 minutes Simo took both Bridgeheads, grabbed CC,

after rouge (x.x) resistance on Langer Markt, the Enemy broke trough, on the right flank

and got Langer Markt.

Danzig-Allies (Simo won): Hard resistance from Simo, 3 minutes before time ran out we

break trough their lines and go over to attack Langer Markt, but Allies hadn`t enough

ressources to get the rest of objectives.

Bondarevo Allies (x.x won): they capped farm several times, but we hold Bondarevo very

well and in the end we hold Bondarevo still in our hands.

Bondarevo attack (x.x won): With our well organisated attack we capped after 10 min all

the objectives, without big trouble or problems.

 by poland -[Simo]-lazlo_woodbine ( -[Simo]- )
Very nice fight xx. See ya in future games guys.

 by poland -[Simo]-Pasterz/Biohazard ( -[Simo]- )
Yeah nice game, see you next time.

 by poland -[Simo]-Hayha ( -[Simo]- )
gg thx (xx)

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