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Infos zu Red Orchestra - Eastern Front Campaign

Paar Infos zu der easternfrontcampaign! 
by Tina

Campaign Mechanics + other information

They'll be 4 maps played at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and for the first weekend each team will have 2 attacks. If the Axis win their attack/defence the map will get updated with the progress(same for Allies) Whoever wins gets to attack for next weekend.

We will be using teamswap, if the Axis win Basovka and the Allies want that territorry back then they will have to attack Basovka, same as if Allies win Koningsplats and the Axis want that territorry back they will have to attack the map.

Point system:
They'll be a point system put in place...each team will start out with a set point on where they can buy their equipment. When attacking you have to watch where to attack and that your territorry doesn't get cut off. The longer your territorry gets cut off the more points you lose for that area...meaning -5 every weekend. You can't save your points to use for the next battle, if you don't use all your points then you'll lose them!

For tanks you can downgrade your tanks to have more points for better tanks.

Overall this campaign will be played like a stategy game.

Time frame:
We are going to use realistic timeframe starting from 1941 and each weekend will be Season(Summer 1941, next weekend will be Autumn 1941).

We will alo use a mutator where you can't see the other teams weapons or reinforcements.

Mehr infos auf  http://www.easternfrontcampaign.net/
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