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Eastern Front Campaign ([roefc])


Eastern Front Campaign ([roefc])

Welcome to Eastern Front Campaign... we hope this will be a sucessfull campaign for the rest of Redorchestra and onto RO-Heroes of Stalingrad

for those new to the campaign here's a discription on what's involved:

16 v 16 organised battles
4 hours a night (Saturdays and Sundays) / times to be announced
You can come and go when you want (play when you have free time then leave)
Realistic Rankings
You join one side per season (if you join Axis you stay Axis till end of season, same as Allies)
Realistic timeframe
Each map represents an area and the team captures the most map wins that season
Point system (Optional) - the more places you capture the more equipment you can get for next battles
Team swap (if Axis captures Basovka then Allies can attack that map to retake the area)
15 min maps (best out of 7 rounds)
20 min maps (best out of 5 rounds)
25 + mins maps (best out of 3 rounds)
2 maps will be played each day-one for Allies and one for Axis

Joining this group won't determine what side you'll be in...signups will be on the forums when they are live.

I will keep you all upto date with how the website/Forums are getting on. We'll also have things instore for RO-HOS

I'm currently looking on people who can help run the campaign{s} when we go live.

I'm currently looking for a few mappers who can add/remove weapon loadouts...interested contact me on steam. would be nice to have a few people onboard to do this, less work for me :D

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