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Wieder eine neue RO2 Seite.  Hier gibts viel neues über RO2 Maps und vieles mehr .
Schaut mal drauf !

Words of the author behind it:

"I have created a hub for RO2 players, modders, and server admins in an attempt to support the community and the game.  At www.RO2ModMaps.com you will find the latest RO2 mod map files, a media page on each map (maker, historical references, images/video, etc.), tutorials for players and admins on how to utilize the files (client & server side), and a forum to discuss the various mod maps that are coming out."
Get your latest custom content for RO2 there! Site doesn't need registering but it is recommended because with a registration you can access the community forums and will get an email notification whenever a new file is uploaded.


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