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WWIIOnline ---Operation Resurrection---
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"... meine Herren...

Die  Achsenstreitkräfte Planen für den 14/4/12 eine Operation namens RESURRECTION an. Die momentane Situation an der Westfront lässt uns keine Wahl.. Gesucht werden Kriegsfreiwillige . "

TO: All Players

Mission: Create an organized, massive force for Saturday 4-14-2012 at 12PM US Central (Server) Time.

Request: Get your friends here to sign up.

TO SIGN UP, simply respond to the thread requesting your placement **LEADERS WELCOME.**

This is very similar to a "Realism Event," but this will be for the LIVE server. We have about 2 WEEKS to rally up NUMBERS. We will utilize Teamspeak 3 with various channels throughout teamspeak to increase cohesion.

Pass this out to Secure Squad forums. Get your friends here and lets make this a big time party. ALL are welcome.

Arrangments can be made as best as possible to get people where they want to be.

Mission Details: Commanders will use their sides Secure Player Forum to organize this mission.

Command Team's Notice: You do not need to be in High Command to take lead of a team. You must possess organizational skills and the availability to be present during the Operation. This is your OP, CRS is only assisting with the basic organization here. It is up to you to organize your force, and prepare all other facets of the internal operation.

Teamspeak Channels: There are open TS channels available in the current TS3 set up. You should organize forces according to those TS channels.

Orders & Battle Planning: Will be conducted by your sides leadership in your secure forums. CRS may support and provide input, but we will not be taking part in the actual commanding of this event.

Perfect introduction: To new players. We encourage you to have not just squad members online, but your friends as well who may be returning or new to the game. http://www.wwiionline.com/trial

Gains & Losses: All Gains & Losses will remain after events conclusion.

Event Controlled By Players: We will not be derailing the Campaign Server in any fashion, we will not be tampering with supply timers or numbers, directing traffic or determining key strategic points. All of this is to be determined by the player leadership.


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