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The Revenge of the Turul - RO2 mod
As the mod leader of the project... i think i need to give further informations about our plans...

The mod is in the research phase.. we search/flip through archives, trying to find informations from WW2, mainly about weapon/tank functionality, diaries, other papers .

My plans:

- the first release of the mod will have 4-5 tanks(Pz 38t, Toldi I, Nimrod, T26, BT7), we are thinking in armoured cars too(Csaba, and some BA)... but informations later;

- mainly all hungarian/russian(if needed) handweapons, and some paks, maybe some light howitzers...

- a more history accurate player model

- personally i want to make a single player , some short gameplay, i started to write the story, i think that it will be funny , this is still an idea, i dont know if it will be made ;

- the war didnt ended at Don river ;

- about the maps... dont have any idea... waiting for ro2;

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