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the ball “Mystery Monday”

Roswell, GA, Tuesday 3rd August: Tripwire Interactive and Teotl Studios announce the "Mystery Monday” contest for fans to win signed copies of The Ball, Tripwire games (including Heroes of Stalingrad) – and an Apple Ipad! Each Monday, from now until launch, a new part of the story behind The Ball will be revealed on the official game group on Steam ( http://steamcommunity.com/games/theball), including a clue towards the Mystery Monday puzzle. Keep an eye out for the contest each Monday on the group – if you don’t yet belong to the official game group, then you can simply sign up and get automatically notified when each new clue is published. The first two clues are already there for you to work on.

Remember – an Apple Ipad to win,............. (weiter)

About Teotl Studios

Based in Vittinge, Sweden, Teotl Studios is a game development start-up focused on creating quality and immersive single player experiences. The staff is a unique mix of seasoned veterans and talented enthusiasts.

The studio's first title, The Ball, started out as a critically acclaimed mod. It came second in the 2010 edition of Epic Games' "$1,000,000 Make Something Unreal" competition, and also secured ModDB's "Best Singleplayer Mod of 2008" award. Recently the game was awarded funding by the Nordic Game Program, an initiative from the Scandinavian governments to promote and support regional game development. With the full version of The Ball, Teotl Studios aims to continue this success and present the world with an atmospheric, memorable, and above all fun experience. For more information visit Teotl's website at www.teotlstudios.com.

Alan Wilson

Vice President

Tripwire Interactive LLC




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