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roladder: Team[alc] vs Core 4:4
Team[alc] vs Core  4:4
Das lächeln Cores kann man von der Insel bis in den Ural sehen ! Core verteidigt in ihren 186. Spiel  wieder die Führung in der ro:ladder mit einen unentschieden gegen das Team[alc]. Die Deutschen verloren zum ersten mal beide Seiten auf der eigenen Homemap  Zhitomir!.
Beide Seiten Kämpften hart, aber keiner konnte den Sieg für sich entscheiden,
Für Team[alc] geht es am 08.07.2010 gegen die 3.SA weiter  , und für Core am 15.07.2010 ebenfalls gegen die 3.SA.

Kommentare zum Spiel:
Zhitomir: I am not sure if we ever lost a single round on our glory homemap Zhitomir. This time we lost both and definitely deserved! Well played Core!

BDJ: I guess everything went other way round than Core expected. We made it to kill all there Tiger's in defence and got this round although it was really close sometimes. On attack we just showed a very nice tank-teamwork and could win this round with almost 10 minutes left.

Gg Core, looking forward to another game.

Really good match.

Zhit defence for us was the Kras apartments. We kept this area locked down for a long. [alc] broek through, but maybe only 4-5 mins remaining.
On the attack we really struggled for Komsomol. Ended up losing a lot of time here. Kras was a struggle at times.
We didn't have that much time remaining for the last cap, but we got in and got it capped.
Sitting 4-0 at half time, confidence was high...

BDJ was a different story.

On the attack we got the North area capped pretty quickly, but [alc]'s defence in the South was just too strong for us. Any time we made it over into the Forward South we were always outgunned. Solid defence from opponent.
Our defence started decent but a Tiger and Kappenwagen hit our right side and we were not prepared to handle.
Seemed like [alc] had a few Tigers now and we got over run.

Bit of a surprise on the rounds perhaps, but we were xpecting a very close battle tonight.

Overall, I would say a draw was fair.

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