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roladder: HS vs RL 6:2 !
6:2 Sensation ? Der Polnische Clan Herbatniki Squad besiegt die Russian Legion 6:2 !  RL verlor beide Runden auf BDJ und eine knapp auf der Fleischwolf Map Baksan. Eine Beeindruckende Leistung der Polen. HS steigt nun auf Platz 8 in der roladder Tabelle mit 977 Punkten.
Spielbericht von HS Stilus

We started with a small delay. We played on our server. BDJ was under our control. As axis we were able to cap everything 8 min before end. When we play as allies, RL insisted very strongly. They cap nort, and south, but we were able to hold forward south, and north to the end of time. {RL} guys are pretty good tankers.
BaksanValley 1st round: We started as Axis and and quickly lost. {RL} cap all objects.gg
BaksanValley 2nd round: We almost lost during the few first minute. But we managed to collect and cap ruins, we try to cap last point.But we were stopped. But we managed to win.
Good game {RL} it was real pleasure play with you guys. Good luck i the future and hope to play you again.

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