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roladder: der nächste CLan Inaktiv
Also kurz und bündig, der nächste Clan ist raus aus der roladder !

Der Polnische Clan HERBATNIKI SQUAD ( ‹HS›)  hat am 15.08.2010 um ca 2050 cet folgendes auf roladder.net bekannt gegeben...
"I'm sorry to announce that ‹HS› goes inactive.
Unfortunately we don't have enough players to play match. Maybe to blame for holidays, we'll see in autumn. But for now we have to leave ladder
It was real pleasure play in Ladder with with so many Clans. We had a lot of fun playing RO, and met nice players here. 
we really appreciate the alc's help they gave us... Thanks for helping us with Baksan tactic.

Unfortunately, I am forced to cancel all of our scheduled games. At the same time sorry that we can not play. Admin pleas cancel our games.
Maybe we return, when we have players to play.

Tahanks for good game, and see you in Ro: HoS"
  ‹HS›Stilus_PL Clan Leader

hat insgesamt 13 Spiele absolviert und davon 5 Siege davongetragen .
Aufgestellt wurde der reon Polnischer Clan am 06.07.2009

HS see you in Ro: HoS ! 

HS on roladder

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