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RO Fight Club
RO Fight Club Sundays: 8:30pm EST


We'll be meeting up on Sundays @ 8:30PM EST for some nail biting, intense, tactical, so-good-you-could-smack-your-mama-action. The admins are focused primarily on creating competitive pick up matches with even (skill wise) teams.


Sundays: 8:30pm EST
Where: NA server & Ventrilo: vent14.gameservers.com 4332

Goal is to have weekly large scale mixed battles. Each week players will join the a designated Ventrilo server to be divided into 2 teams. Two captains will then privately select players one by one to form each team. Battles will be held in a North American server and players must be in vent in order to participate.

The group is currently invite only (ask anyone for an invite) but it will soon be made into a public group. Come along and invite your friends. Both clan players and pubbers are welcomed.

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