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Revenge of the Turul A modification for Red Orchestra Ostfront.Beta 2

Revenge of the Turul
A modification for Red Orchestra Ostfront.Beta 2
14.August 2011





Feldmarschall{LS} kündigt für den 14. August 2011 das schon lange erwartete Beta2 bzw die Erweiterung von Revenge of the Turul an.
                                                                  Bild bereitgestellt von Feldmarschall{LS}

 This modifications consists of several parts:
1. The Hungarian Army
2. A sound mod for all weapons and tanks in RO
3. The Finnish Army
4. Yugoslav partisans
1. The Hungarian Army in WWII
Weapons & Uniforms
Hungarian Infantry weapons:
-Frommer FEG 37 Pistol
-Mannlicher M35 rifle
-Scoped Mannlicher M35 rifle
-Kiraly M39 SMG
-Kiraly M43 SMG
-Solothurn M31 machinegun

Hungarian grenades:
-Vecsey M36 handgrenade
-Vecsey M42 stick handgrenade

Russian grenades:
-RG-42 handgrenade
-A single F1 handgrenade for the tankers

-Hungarian Infantry with green uniforms and helmet camouflage
- Hungarian Infantry with brown uniforms
- Hungarian Tankers
Hungarian tanks:
-35M Ansaldo tankette

-39M Csaba armored car

-38M Toldi A20 light tank
-38M Toldi B20 light tank
-38M Toldi B40 light tank
-T-38 light tank

-40M Turan medium tank
-41M Turan medium tank
-43M Turan medium tank

-44M Tas heavy tank

-M43 Zriniy II assault gun
-M44 Zriniy I assault gun
-Tas Roham Löveg heavy assault gun

German tanks:
-Panzer III N light tank
-Jagdpanzer 38 (t) light tank destroyer
-captured T-34/76
-Tiger II

Russian tanks:
KV-85 medium tank
SU-100 heavy tank destroyer

- Ju 87 G Stuka

RO-[RT]-Arad-1944_2 by [PzDF]PanzerMeyer

RO-[RT]-Bondarevo_2 by [PzDF]PanzerMeyer

RO-[RT]-Debrecen_Stuka edited by WarUlf, made by Keystone

RO-[RT]-Godolloi_2 by [PzDF]PanzerMeyer

RO-[RT]-Kapolnapuszta-PR by [PzDF]PanzerMeyer

RO-[RT]-Karotyak-PR by [PzDF]PanzerMeyer

RO-[RT]-Nyiregyhaza_2 by Socom aka Fluke

RO-[RT]-Sarkad-PR by [PzDF]PanzerMeyer

RO-[RT]-Uryw_2 by [PzDF]PanzerMeyer

RO-[RT]- OP-Suedwind-Hill190-17Feb1945 by WarUlf

RO-[RT]-NikolayevArea by Socom aka Fluke

RO-[RT]-LS_Panzertraining created by @FK@_Frontkämpfer, overworked by WarUlf

RO-[RT]-DM_small_pistolarena2 by Pasas

RO-[RT]-PasasArena_rifle_only_b1_2 by Pasas

RO-[RT]-TDM-Backyard_Encounter_b1_2 by Pasas

2. Sound mod for all RO weapons and tanks
Well, it’s a bit more than "just” a sound mod. Here are the changes:
-original sounds for all infantry weapons
-original sounds for all tanks (engine, MG and gun)
-more realistic MG tank and weapon tracers from Evil Hobo
-zoomed optics from Armored Beasts
-removed tank turret shaking while firing the MG
-no more MG first person muzzle flash (if you’ve ever shot with one, you’ll see, that you won’t see something like this because of the flash suppressors )
-bayonet length changed on historical data
-a new single Panzerfaust 60 with realistic destruction and flight
-some other minor changes


3. The Finnish Army
Was just a little nice idea by C4morra. He made some Finnish uniforms and we put it on RO-Mannikkala. Check it out.
4. Yugoslav Partisans
Again C4morras idea and uniform work. Packed into files by feldmarschall.
As counterpart he also made some new German Grenadier uniforms with camouflage.
RO-[RT]-FreeBattle by Socom aka Fluke

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