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Red Orchestra 2 Campaign Update - We are on our way

In this Campaign Diary

In this Campaign Diary   Today we have some news regarding our Red Orchestra 2 campaign.  We now are getting closer to the release of the game and Forgotten Honor is working hard everyday so that we have everything ready to go as soon as the game gets release. So we wanted to show some of the stuff that has been prepared in the last week to the outside. Therefore in this campaign diary you will find out a bit about one of our biggest features: The Interactive Map and a small preview of the medals.  Stay tuned, we shall release a new diary every 2 weeks which will have many more news regarding the campaign
One of the biggest features we provide this campaign is the Interactive map.
This map will be flash based and fully customized. Each side has its own version of the map showing where they have their units standing and there is also a public version that is only showing which regions are controlled by which nation. With this commanders can assign live orders to move/attack/defend their units around the map and it provides a complete new level of strategy within a campaign. Players will also be able to see their Battlegroup/Kampfgruppe and smaller group strengths.

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    IcratoX - Branch Manager RO2
    Metalbourne - Senior Administrator RO2

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