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Forgotten Honor Red Orchestra 2 Wants You!

Forgotten Honor Red Orchestra 2 Wants You!
Seit Monaten ist Forgotten Honor (lt. eigene angaben) mit der Planung einer neuen Kampagne für RO2:HOS beschäftigt.  Gesucht werden noch für diese Kampagne...

º We are looking for enthusiastic people who want to help planning and organizing the campaign. No specific requirements needed, just a creative thinking mind and a couple hours a week.
º Researchers, Movie makers, 2d/3d Artists, Newswriters , are many of the tasks waiting to be filled.
º If you are motivated to make this campaign one of the best in F|H history don't hesitate to contact us.
º Imagine yourself organizing this WW2 simulation masterpiece on a 100% Teamplay and Teamwork environment at Forgotten Honor.
º Want to make a positive action inside the community, all you have to do is join us! 

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