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Die Legion feiert ihren zweiten Sieg ! 2:6
   Die Legion feiert ihren zweiten Sieg ! 2:6

Die Deutschen endlich auf der Siegesstrasse? Wird sich weisen , aber der erste schritt dafür ist getan. Die Legion besiegt Partizans,  steigt in det tabelle auf Platz 14 auf und schickt die Russen mit einer roten Laterne in den Keller.
Legendär ist der Spielbericht zum Spiel .(MAXRO berichtete) Man lausche ^^


With a really laggy server, a new player from California and Sweden who has played the first ladder match and their first fulltime Clanwar with us, and the will to win, we started our match very late.

Zhitomir-Attack(x.x won): Well, after some pushes we got Konsomol.
Our guys went directly to Krasnyi and blocked the entrances, Langos aka Honved and Jonas did some awesome killing sprees. They had no change. At
same time the rest of the Legion, went to church and take it.
Over 10 minutes left, we got the last cap after some rouge attacks.
This was also the introduce of our cute Princess Yadi,
you played very well Yadi ;)

Zhitomir-defense(x.x won): What the hell.... We hold 15 minutes Konsomol, raped several times their spawn and pushed them back to the entrances.
Then hold some minutes Krasnyi, then we decided to defend Church park
and did it very well. good performance of all dudes, especially from our
new members ;)

Bondarevo-Attack(x.x lose): Capping Bondarevo was no problem, and their tanks had no change against us, but they had 4 Infantery in the farm
building, so we needed long time to react also with Infantery and shoot them out of the building, they also got Bondarevo back after 5 minutes.
There wasnt enough time left to get both caps at the same time.

Bondarevo-defense(x.x won): : The russian stones and some langos were place around the holy ones. inruB and lepmuR enjoyed there bread.
The Russian legionaire Jonas got mad abt us and blown up inruB to the sky. BIA got scared and leave the server as fast as possible.

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