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Information portal for the RealPanzer expansion for Darkest Hour.

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For all true enthusiasts of WW2 tank combat we have made an expansion to RO/DH to make the tanks as historically accurate and as true to life as possible so that you can experience the true combat capabilties of the steel giants of the second world war.
Through the improvements and extra characteristics a whole new world of tactical possibilities is now open for players to have an exciting and demanding tank battle experience on the eastern front as part of the Russian Red Army or the German Wehrmacht.
Real engine sounds.
Historically correct armour and cannon penetration values.
Gun optics are historically accurate.
Historically correct vehicle skins.
New vehicles taken from just about all RO and DH mods and expansions.
Vehicles have front, side and rear armour rating for the hull AND turret. The armour thickness is correct and now includes a parameter for the slope of the armour.
Most tanks have at least 3 sorts of ammo, those that do not have special rounds like HEAT or APCR have smoke screen rounds.
Shells have the correct speed, weight and explosive effect. The tank shell tracer can only be seen from back of the shell and does not glow like in all directions like the stock games do.
Ammunition is correctly identified.
Vehicles are accessible to crews of both sides so it is possible to capture and use enemy equipment.
Correct Turret rotation speeds, correct reload times, correct vehicle speeds.
Damage model now includes damage to tracks (they come off and the tank slews in a circle), optics, turret rotation, gun elevation, individual crew member deaths, engine fires.
When you climb out of the tank from the turret you stand on the tank and you have open the hatch to get out.
No more waiting in the spawn for additional crew members.
Smoke launchers (button 4) on some tanks not all.
Grenade launchers (button 5) on some tanks not all.
Infantry can ride on the back engine deck of any tank in the game.
When destroyed, tank turrets and bodies come flying out.
Flamethrower tanks like the the OT34, OTKV85, Flammpanzer Hetzer/PanzerIII.
Unlimited tank and infantry roles on all maps.
Theels fantastic Russian infantry and weapons from the his brilliant Darkest Orchestra work.
Russian and German tank commanders can call artillery strikes.


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