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ArmA II COOP campaign 1940/45

From the 5th of March 2011 onwards, Forgotten Honor will open its doors to the first Forgotten Honor ArmA II COOP campaign 1940/45. In cooperation with the Arma 2 WW2 Mod from Invasion 1944, Forgotten Honor ArmA II will deliver the best WW2 experience available on the Internet.

Take on the role of a US enlisted, Work with your teammates to overcome obstacles and complete your objectives. Have intense battle's and become part of our community.

The Forgotten Honor ArmaII campaign will be ongoing, and we offer.

    - Weekly Operations every Saturday night 2000GMT.

    - Custom Missions and special Events.

    - Realistic WWII structure, medals and awards.

    - Teamwork and coordination of the highest level.

    - A professional Mature environment.

    - Clan Integration system, that allows clan members to join and play together.

Enlist today and begin your virtual army career.


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